Reading is fun! I love reading books, comics, reddit relationship stories (sometimes), and government conspiracies. Don't forget true crime! Below is a list of cool links of things that I find interesting to read and all that junk. a site that has a bunch of texts from 19th century southern United States. Interesting since there are a lot of pieces of literature from Black Americans. Australian gutenberg project that has books and authors not on the other site. I'm guessing it may be because of certain copyright laws? There were American authors on here that didn't appear on the main site. The center for land use interpretation. Has a lot of interesting and weird landmarks in the US to look at. a free website to look up family records. Has a big wiki also. The Texas missing person bulletin board from DPS NamUS, a site of missing and unidentified people. Doe Network, another site about missing and unidentified people Charley Project, another site about missing and unidentified people, has updates for some cases. A site where you can look up online graves, and search for real graves all over the world. Good for family tree research. Scrivener, a word processor that is very powerful, and can do many different things. It is proprietary software, so it costs money, but I really enjoy it. You can customize it, create your own templates, use pre-loaded templates, and even do math apparently. If you're a college student, I recommend this, because there are templates for MLA, APA, and Chicago format essays. 

  My bigg a$$ list of wikipedia articles I find interesting


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