This is my spot to talk about my favorite games. This is more than likely to be about the stuff I played as a kid, or a teenager. All those games I played back then, I look upon fondly. Just like an old person does when they sit in the rocking chair on their porch, sipping on sweet tea.

There's games that I like but have been too chicken to play. Mainly the Resident Evil games lol. I don't know why I'm too scared, despite playing other scary games, but whatever. That was definitely my first game as a kid. I remember being 4 years old and watching my dad fight against the snake Yawn.

Resident Evil Trio 🧟‍♂️

I was a kid when the first 3 games came out, and watched my father play them when they were first released. I love those three games, they just has a special place for me when it comes to scary games, because they were among the first of their kind. I like RE4, but beyond that, I have given up on the series. 1, 2, and 3, have a great atmosphere, and the music to them is excellent. Personally, I think that RE2 has the best soundtrack, though there are plenty of great songs in 1, and 3. I think it's because RE1 established the structure, and the game had such a large fanbase, that when RE2 was being made, the devs wanted to do it up and make the next game better. I mean, they created like half a game (RE 1.5), just to scrap it later, and start almost completely over. I'm just rambling right now, and it's 2am, so grammar to this is very bad, and my composition makes no sense. sorry.

Anyway, I love the aesthetic too. Of course. I think the only good remake was the gamecube version of RE1, I don't like the remakes for 2 and 3, they aren't very faithful to me. I like RE1's remake the most, because it stayed faithful to the original game while also expanding upon it. I feel like the graphics were an upscaled version of what I imagined in the original game, even making certain parts creepier.

Clock Tower ✂️

Another series that I experienced as a kid, and have held near and dear to me as I've gotten older. I started out playing the PS1 version that came out in 1997 with my sister. It's funny, our dad introduced the game to us saying that it was banned in other countries for being too scary. I don't know if that's true, but of course I still remember that detail to this day. At this point with the internet though, I may never be able to find out if this is true or not, since many original websites from the 90's are long gone now. After Clock Tower came out in 1997, Human Entertainment started on a third game (because Clock Tower 1997 was actually the second game in the series). Clock Tower 2, as known in the states, is a piece of crap. I mean, '97 Clock Tower was pretty bad in the cheesy way, but it is still scary. CT3 was created while Human Entertainment was going out of business, and it really shows. The game makes little sense, and has nothing to do with the first two games at all.

Speaking of, Clock Tower originally started on the SNES, released only in Japan. I think that this game is graphically better than the sequel from 1997, though this is due to the fact that 97's release was the first 3D game in the series, and of course such graphics hadn't been perfected yet. The pixel graphics of the SNES debut are very good, and very creepy. Thankfully, the game has long been translated by fans and is available for play. I have yet to play it myself lol, though I have watched tons of other people play it. Honestly, I haven't played it for myself since there really wasn't a good emulator to use for it until recently, like 2019 or so.

The first two games are the only ones that matter to me, and I would consider the original series finished after the 1997 sequel. Though the lore in the second game doesn't make that much sense once you think about it, the game is still scary. I used to play it so much with my siblings and friends, and sometimes we'd have like Clock Tower parties, where we'd invite friends over to watch us play the game, and see how badly they'd be scared. One time we played the game so much, in the summer of 2013 I think, that I would be scared Scissorman was really going to bust out of my shower curtain lol.

One problem I have with the second game, is how Jennifer, a teenager, starts a romance with the reporter Nolan, who is 26. As I've read more about the second game on the wiki, there appears to be Clock Tower "book" of sorts, that even goes so far as Edward having an innapropriate relationship with Kay. I don't want to say the 'P' word on here, but I think you understand what I mean. Some people say that it is because Japan has a different culture, but I have always found this aspect disgusting. There is also no point in Jennifer to have a love interest in the game, as Nolan is a useless character overall. I won't lie, it's pretty satisfying when you play the game wrong, and see that he died. Good.

The second game has multiple endings, like the first, and it makes use of the gruesome deaths to show whether you did something wrong. Gotts will end up in the medieval meat grinder, Beth will be taken, Professor Gotts hangs himself, and more. I think the professor has multiple deaths, but I'm not sure. I am also unsure of how to get his specific deaths, they always just seem random to me. Honestly, I am more versed in playing as Helen for some reason, than Jennifer.

A very creepy, and very good scare, I recommend the first two games in case you want to at least see what I'm talking about. Whether they inspired the neo-retro horror games that you see today, I don't know, but I definitely think they present that aesthetic. More than anything, Clock Tower, along with the Resident Evil trilogy, are perfect examples of classic PS1 horror games.

The Sims 3 🤖️

Honestly, I don't really know what to say that will make this sound innovative. Overall, I love the sims 3 the most, which is probably shocking for most people in the sims community; because it's damn near illegal to like the sims 3, and seemingly obligatory to shit on this game the most. It wasn't until recently that people really started to see the greatness in this game, though its quality over the sims 4 isn't new. TS4 is shit, and I will never play it again. I only played it in 2014, and haven't downloaded the game again. I refuse to. I prefer the sims 3 over 2, since it just has more gameplay options than ts2. Nothing really wrong with 2, but I enjoy different playing styles, and making drastically different stories over time. With ts2, there eventually becomes a grind that turns into a family tree simulator. As the game has aged, some aspects just don't sit with me that well, such as the "hot woman bad" and "every twin is a girl" tropes. So many red heads, so much corruption in that game. ts3 is a lagfest without the proper mods, but i've still been able to do amazing things in that game.

The Sims 2 🔷️

A classic in gaming, and the most renown in the series for sure. This game has its load of issues, is suseptible to tons of corruption without mods, and crashes often. But you know what? I love it. The game was definitely pushed a lot when it came out, with various spin off games, such as the DS, PSP, and XBOX versions. I played the DS and XBOX versions as a kid, since it was cheaper to buy the sole console games than the series and its expansion packs. Of course at the same time too, back when the game first came out, it was pretty heavy on peoples' computers. I remember first playing the PC version on a pirated copy my dad made, and after creating a horribly ugly sim with my sister, the computer crashed. My dad never let us play the PC version of the sims 2 again. Little did we know, that the game was just like that, and it was actually through no fault of ours.

There is an air nostalgia and classic gaming that just hits you with this game. The neo-atomic age, retro 50's stuff, the various hints and references to things that the developers experienced in their childhoods of the 50's and 60's, it really put a special style to this game. There was a lot of humor and quirkyness put in the game, which is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to it after all these years. At the time, it was the first of its kind. There was no other game where you could create a family, get them pregnant, and create a family tree with them. I remember being so excited over these features, and even trying to see what it would look like when my sims got fat, lol. Despite its flaws, the sims 2 has a special air about it that has not been recreated in future sequels.

The Sims 1 💚️

This is the game that I started out with in this series. I never got to experience the PC version of this game as a kid, but I played the fuck out of the gamecube version, through my early 20's, until I moved out of my parents' house. I became a real pro at killing sims in this game, and would create haunted houses filled with graves, then move in a family, and laugh at them being scared all the time. lol. I remember my dad coming home from the store one day with the game, reading the back of it to us in the living room. We were all excited and surprised that there was a game where you could "annoy your neighbors". The game is so iconic, no matter what iteration of it you play. The music was the most special part to me. I also remember being surprised when playing story mode, and the mom was black. I was happy, because my mom was black! I felt represented.... I also remember trying to get through the game, and barely making it past the first stage. My first ever character was a bald fat guy, that keep peeing on the floor, and I swear to god, that one time, he pooped. There was a pile of garbage next to him after he used the bathroom on himself. That guy was super depressed and wouldn't get a job. I tried to cheer him up and raise his fun by having him play with a doll house outside, for some reason I placed it next to the mailbox. lmao. what the fuck was wrong with me.

I really stopped playing that gamecube version after moving out of my parents' house, because the system got old. I think that there were a lot of glitches I experienced just because the gamecube was on its death bead. I remember one time, a sim of mine died (of course), and the grim reaper appeared, but was glitched out and half of his robe was mixed pink with the paper girl's outfit. Horrifying indeed.

I spent so much of my time playing this game, especially through my early teens. I remember being 14, listening to Anthrax on my CD player, and just creating a nice house, with a normal family, and trying to max out their jobs and skills in the game. I had like, a creative family with a red headed wife. The house was huge with beautiful wooden floors...then my baby sister deleted my save.

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