Here's a list of sites that I thought were interesting to link: (just a picture of a crouton) (looks at various softwares and their data mining-ness) (a page listing nintendo gameboy games. In Japanese.) (coding website that has tons of useful info. I've used this site for over a decade with all the social media coding stuff i've done in the past) (old games archive site. great for abandoned games that corporations dont care about anymore, and you still want to play, but can't find anywhere else) (dead link checker, useful to check dead...links)  {another useful coding site}  (useful coding site)  [just an interesting site in general]  (interesting dos programs)  (cool text maker)  (coding stuff)  (emoticon library, really cute)  (smiley library. the usa page automatically downloads a midi, so beware)  (compress videos to 8mb or less, so u can post stuff to discord)  (dither me this. can edit photos to look retro and stuff)  (3D text maker. A personal favorite of mine)  (generate names)  (free javascript and html scripts. the site seems to have a problem loading tho)  (GB studio. a game boy game  (templaterr, a place to get started if you arent sure how to design your site)  (site layouts)  (type in whatever you want, and it coverts it to html)  (rss viewer)  (html cheat sheet)  (html code generator, and more)  (view your coding online, live)  (layout builder by sadgrl)  (button maker)  (has tons of graphics)  (online word art creator)  (sozai graphics)  [internet bumper stickers]  [web badges, image heavy]  [online glitch photo editor]  [css layouts and stuff]  [online code editor]  [link shell extension. a much simpler way of creating mklinks on your computer]  [microsoft docs, this page talks about mklinks a little bit]  TV Tropes. A great wiki to get lost in for hours
  My abadonware. A site with lots of old abandoned games
   The dead case. An old (flash?) game that a friend introduced me to in 2004 I believe, when it came out. It's about the player trying to solve their own death.
    html script to use an emoji as a favicon. VS Code, a FREE program by microsoft that you can code in. Has a lot of support for a wide variety of project types. Highly recommended, even if you're doing simple things. for image hosting. an html script for indenting your literature. The site in general has cool tips. A job site that lists jobs from companies, basically, real jobs that are seen on a company's website. Your mileage may vary though depending on where you live. music player, free. I use this without problems Everything, a much better search function than regular windows' version. Free. Art site sing or a hum a tune to find that song playing in ur head abandoned but not forgotten, urbex stuff

tv history

It's Not stupid...It's advanced! An invader zim fan site A useful little site for converting images and stuff. You can convert from png to ico (icon format)!

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